Many advisers have a unique process that encompasses several meetings with clients over an extended period of time. Often, there are many prospects and clients at different stages of this process at the same time. It is increasingly difficult to balance and keep track of all this varying activity.
To complete matters even further, clients postpone or otherwise delay follow-up meetings. It is easy for a client to "fall through the cracks" in these cases.
We have developed a tracking program that is specifically adapted to your unique manner of doing business. Reports are generated regularly, assuring that you stay on top of your most important client activity, no matter how many distractions you may have. You always communicate with your best clients at the appropriate time.
The Sales Automator provides a comprehensive set of checks and balances that help you stay focused on what is most important - timely meetings and other contact with your good prospects and clients.
Each successful business faces the ongoing challenge of attracting new clients. New business is the lifeblood of any organization. The Power Prospecting System is guaranteed to meet the needs of your financial services company.

We assist you to obtain a database of business owners with sales that meet your criteria. We customize a pre-approach letter that is mailed to approximately 50 to 60 business owners per week.
We hire and train a telemarketer, whose job it is to get you appointments. The telemarketer works 5 to 6 hours a day, 4 to 5 days a week. The telemarketer can be an employee or independent contractor. Having your own dedicated telemarketer gives you better communication, control and results.
We also provide you with a complete script, including answers to all major objections and important questions. Your telemarketer is fully prepared to furnish your prospects with enough information to generate quality professional appointments.
We train your telemarketer in advanced telephone techniques which allow him/her to have rapport with virtually every type of prospect.
We furnish you with follow-up letters to your prospects that are easily prepared by a computer to complete the process.
The entire program is monitored and tracked by TeleMagic Software. It is easy to use and increases productivity 20% to 40%.
We leave you with a Turnkey System that continues to generate qualified appointments for you week after week.

The Power Prospecting System (above) is monitored and tracked by TeleMagic Software. It is easy to use and increases productivity 20% to 40%.

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